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Projects in the Neighborhood

Maintenance around the neighborhood is an ongoing project. The scope of these projects often involve collaboration with many others from outside the neighborhood, like municipal and governing agencies. Often the visual portion of these projects seems stagnant, but many times, there is a lot happening on the back end of these projects to make them happening that may not be apparent.


Sidewalk Repairs

The Board has submitted the following locations to the city for examination and repair. Thank you to Ken Fern for walking the neighborhood and recording these locations. Status: Partially Completed -Submitted to the city on 11/21/2022

•13005 E 112th Street N •13020 E 112th Street N (Intersection of 131st East Pl) •11219 N 133 East Ave •11231 N 133rd East Ave (Near the spillway) •11233 N 133rd East Ave (Near the spillway) •11109 N 133rd East Ave •11111 N 133rd East Ave •11213 N 131st East Pl •11405 N 132nd East Ave •11407 N 132nd East Ave •11510 N 131st East Ave (Complete Mar '23) •11109 N 132nd East Ave (N side 112th St. Sidewalk)

Collapsing Storm Drain

The storm drain at the corner of N 131st East Ave and E 114th Ct N has been collapsing. The city is rebuilding the drain and the manhole access.

Status: Completed - February 2023

Image by Matt Hoffman

Street Repair

Street Repair There are few areas that have been of current concern. They have been reported to the city for repair. The area near 11505 & 11507 N 132nd East Ave and the area near 13016 East 112th Street N. - Status: Submitted to the city on 11/21/2022 The area in front of 13004 East 113th St North - Status: Submitted to the city on 02/10/2023

Photo Credit : Matt Hoffman (Unsplash)

Pond Rehabilitation

Our neighborhood pond is in need of rehabilitation. Over the years, sediment from erosion and soil / debris washed downstream from heavy waters have gradually caused the water depth to become shallower. The current depth is shallow enough to have posed an issue with algee and sustaining any marine life. The project will be a lengthy and potentially costly process. We have a 4-stage process to work through on the project. We are currently in Stage 1. The board is exploring what options are available to aleviate this issue, sources of funding and grants that are available, and the researching process of being compliant with all regulatory bodies. We have consulted the City of Owasso, OSU Extension Service, our pond biologist, the Army Corps of Engineers, a local civil engineer, and the USDA NRCS. It is a complex problem and will undoubtedly be a lengthy process. Stage 1: Research Stage 2: Project Planning Stage 3: Funding Stage 4: Construction


Photo Credit : Google Maps

Status: Stage 1 - Research 

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