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Neighborhood News

Duck Crossing

The HOA has added a new set of "Duck Crossing" signs to the neighborhood to help protect our neighbor-ducks that like to cross the road. The signs are located on 112th where the ducks are known to frequently cross the road. The signs are made of reflective material and feature the clear message: "Caution Duck Crossing." When you see the signs, please remember to drive slowly in areas where our feathered friends are present and be prepared to stop when they are crossing the road. As spring arrives, there is an increase of not only the ducks crossing the road, but kids and other residents. Please, please pay extra close attention to your speed and surroundings.


Free Little Libraries

Our neigborhood now has two new sharing libraries for everyone's use! There is one installed near the 129th street entrance at the corner of. 113th St. N and 130th E Ave. The other is instaled on 131st E Place by the creek on the south side of the pond. Thank you to the Horst family and the Smiddy family for their kind donations! How does it work? The Library is a free book-sharing box where anyone may take a book or share a book. They function on the honor system. You do not need to share a book in order to take one. If you take a book or two from a little library, try to bring some to share to that same library, or another in your area, when you can.


Photo Credit: Teresa Fogg

OSNI Strong Neighborhood Meeting

On Saturday, January 28th, members of the HoA Board (Sharon, Cassandra, and Sean) spent the day with officals from the City of Owasso at the Annual Neighborhood Leadership Conference presented by the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI). There were multiple topics covered incuding neighborhood safety, city funding through sales tax, infrastructure improvements happening around Owasso, solicitor regulations, code enforcement, public works processes, community service, disaster management & preparedness, and many more. There are several topics that were covered that could possibly be implemented in our neighborhood. The HoA board will be reviewing some of these ideas and hopefully implementing a few.



Neighborhood Block Party

The Falls participated in Owasso's Neighborhood Block Party again this year. The event took place Saturday, September 10, 2022. It was located in the cul-de-sac at the northeast end of the pond on 132nd E. Ave. The HOA will provided food and drinks. There was live music from The Falls resident David Post & Friend, as well as a bounce house and face painting for the children. The City of Owasso brought out a police car, fire truck and a couple of trash trucks. All of them were a big hit! It was a good opportunity to visit with neighbors and to meet new people. We hope to see lots of you soon at our next neighborhood event.

block party.jpg

Photo Credit: City of Owasso

Neighborhood Yard Sale

Our spring Neighborhood Yard Sale is coming up. The event is scheduled every year on the Friday and Saturday of the Third Weekend in May. This year that falls on May 19th and 20th. Start cleaning out those closets, attics, and garages. Time to gather those unneeded items and turn them into cash. One person's trash is another's treasure! The sale dates will be advertised on community sites, as well as with signs at both entrances.

Yard Sale.jpeg

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (HNH)

What better way to show your support than to help a neighbor in need! Your HOA is starting a program, Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN). We are looking for a pool of volunteers to assist others that are in need. The types of support that will be provided are trash pull out/put away, meal trains, and small errands. If you’re going out of town and need your trash pulled out or put away, we can assist with that! If you’re ill or just don’t have the means to get to the grocery store or pharmacy, we can assist with that! And lastly if you’re enduring a serious hardship such as death in your family, severe illness we can start a meal train to help you and your family! We’d like to first collect volunteers! Our hope is to gather 15-20 volunteers. Once our pool of helpers is established we plan to launch NHN March 1st! Should you need assistance, contact Cassandra Smith via email at (preferred) be sure to put NHN Owasso in the subject line. You can also reach out to Sharon Hanson at 918.894.3120 and you are always welcome to submit requests via our website! Thanks!

Men Volunteering

Holiday Lights

The winners of the HoA decorating contest have been announced. Please join us in congratulating our neighbors on a job well done. ○ 1st place - 13005 E. 114th Ct. N. ○ 2nd place - 11301 N. 132nd E. Ave. ○ 3rd place - 13202 E. 111th St. N. ○ 4th place - 11409 N. 132nd E. Ave ○ 5th place - 13203 E. 112th St. N. Honorable Mentions ○ 13002 E. 112th St. N. ○ 12999 E. 114th Ct. N. ○ 13102 E. 112th St. N. ○ 13103 E. 112th St. N. ○ 11212 N. 131st E. Pl. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. You make our neighborhood really festive and a wonderful place to live. You may have also noticed that both entrances to the neighborhood had holiday lights this year. The neighborhood purchased the lights and they will be hung and displayed each holiday season from around Thanksgiving to early January.

Christmas Decorations


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